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Once you know something which has a right to be examined and exposed when you look at the public interest, BuzzFeed Information will help .

Inform us everything you understand

Have you find proof of corruption, criminal activity, or wrongdoing? Can you think users of the general public are now being harmed, exploited, or misled? Investigative journalism depends on individuals who have the courage to blow the whistle once they run into proof of severe wrongdoing. An excellent tip provides certain proof wrongdoing ” not merely a hunch, conjecture, or individual grievance. Frequently, documents is exactly what sets a tip aside from a hunch: Have you got memos or videos or records that demonstrate some effective individual, business, or federal federal government agency abusing their abilities, such as for instance fleecing folks of cash or causing physical or psychological damage?

Protecting your identification

We could investigate many effortlessly whenever we understand who you really are while having to be able to talk about your data to you, even although you would rather talk in self-confidence. We realize that sources usually risk serious reprisals, therefore we usually consent to keep sources private. Whenever we consent to help keep you anonymous, that contract is sacrosanct to us, and we’ll do every thing feasible to avoid ourselves from being obligated to hand over your identity.

Needless to say, often sources are just ready to reveal proof without exposing their identification also to journalists. From us, you can use our SecureDrop system if you prefer to use a secure method that keeps your identity hidden. SecureDrop could be the world standard for delivering papers anonymously. Whenever you communicate with SecureDrop, we do not gain access to information that will physically determine you. Continue reading